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Boom CoverEver wanted to ask a fracking expert a question? Now’s your chance. As in: right now.

Today, Wall Street Journal senior energy reporter and author of The Boom: How Fracking Ignited the American Energy Revolution and Changed the World Russell Gold is hosting an ‘Ask Me Anything’ on Reddit. You can connect with him here.

While the archive should remain active for a little while, these ‘Ask Me Anything” opportunities only last for a day… or until the participant gets fried by e-wave upon e-wave of questioning — note: it’s usually the latter.

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Colin McKay Miller is the VP of Marketing for the SpiroFlo Holdings group of companies:

SpiroFlo for residential hot water savings (delivered 35% faster with up to a 5% volume savings on every hot water outlet in the home), industrial water purification (biofilm removal), and reduced water pumping costs.

Vortex Tools for extending the life of oil and gas wells (recovering up to 10 times more NGLs, reducing flowback startup times, replacing VRUs, eliminating paraffin and freezing in winter, etc.).

Ecotech for cost-effective non-thermal drying (for biosolids, sugar beets, dairy waste, etc.) and safe movement of materials (including potash and soda ash).

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