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SpiroFlo shares about the University of Engineering and Technology at Peru creating a billboard that provides clean drinking water to a desert area.

Lima, Peru is set on the driest desert in the world and has issues getting clean drinking water. People pull water from a well, but as it’s polluted and (unregulated) private water delivery trucks have a huge markup, the University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) decided to build a billboard to help provide drinking water for the community.

Wait… what?

Lima gets a half-inch of rain a year, but with 98% humidity, UTEC created a technology “that captures air humidity and turns it into drinking water.” Basically, a series of generators capture the air humidity, then it goes through a water purification (reverse osmosis) system. Stored in a big tank, the water comes out a faucet at the bottom of the billboard stand. Finally, the billboard surrounding the system in the sky advertises that yes, there is clean water here.

It’s not electricity free—there are generators after all—but it provides 26 gallons a day of clean water. While there’s only one billboard so far, UTEC hopes to put billboards all over Lima and beyond.

More in the video below:

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