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SpiroFlo shares some brief commentary on a long resignation letter sent by a disgruntled Whole Foods employee.

A lot of people like Whole Foods—their commitment to natural/organic produce, local communities and the environment—but a resignation letter from a now ex-employee is looking to burst the bubble.

To start with, the letter is long, really long, and not that all that interesting. Most people aren’t surprised that a supermarket chain has some easily criticized practices in at least some of their 300+ stores. The big problem is that “healthier” stores like Whole Foods—much like the green industry—can use the “we care” aspect to capture a more conscientious crowd while not really doing anything different. While most people are not fooled by this marketing magic, they might not be aware of just how similar to an everyday grocery store Whole Foods really is. According to the writer, they’re “a faux hippy Wal-Mart.”

A “faux hippy Wal-Mart”? Yeah, I guess I can see that in the lettering…

Now let’s be honest: Resignation letters sent to the whole (pun!) company are designed to go public, and they don’t go viral without a level of dirt digging. Thus this letter has—surprise!—extensive criticisms of their “we care” practices and a number of name redacted personal insults.

Apparently it’s not enough to leave a job that didn’t work out, griping to your friends who will, in turn, not shop there anymore. Nah, you’ve got to make it a public gripe that, while it will fizzle quickly in the blink of a closed internet tab, still gets taken as credible from someone who may just be bitter.

These claims (along with follow-up articles) got propelled along by Gawker, the super classy folks who feature things like stolen celebrity sex tapes. All this is to say, while much of it is likely true, take it with a grain of salt (organic or otherwise).

Personally, I was never up for paying nearly ten bucks for eggs anyway.

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