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For more on biofilm and its treatment see here.

SpiroFlo shares some recent updates from the American Dental Association (ADA) regarding their standards for the treatment of biofilm (water-borne bacteria).

Up until five years ago, biofilm—bacteria communities that grow wherever there is water—was the dirty little secret of the medical industry. However, these days I see a lot of articles acknowledging the tie between biofilm and staph infections. There are all kinds of other associated problems, too, including hip replacements and catheters.

Water municipalities and dentists, however, they’re still fairly quiet on their biofilm issues. Of course, if you do a little digging, you can find standards from the American Dental Association (ADA) on how much bacteria they’re allowed in their water lines (hint: it’s higher than zero, but below the standards for drinking water). This came after an otherwise healthy 82-year-old woman developed Legionnaires’ disease after a dental visit in 2012. While it sounds cool, Legionnaires’ disease can be acute or fatal as it’s essentially bacteria spreading and causing problems in your respiratory system. You can’t get it from other people either, so it was basically a gimme that the woman got it from dental surgery.

Thus the 2004 ADA standards on bacteria—from a time when hardly anyone spoke of biofilm—got a much-needed update.

By CDC/ William Cherry [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Lung tissue during legionellosis / Legionnaires’ disease

Here it is in layman’s terms: When a doctor or dentist is cutting you open—be it your body or your gums—that part of you is exposed to bacteria. Then, when you get sown up, infection can be locked in to grow, often at a time when you’re immune system is down. The effects of this infection can be as minor as an upset stomach the day after or as major as some of the issues above.

Regardless, it’s not the kind of stuff you want to know about before your six-month check-up or a surgery, since, there’s nothing you can actually do to stop the infection. Freak out with hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes (and please videotape if you do) — it’ll make no difference.

Of course, I went to this dentist this week and started asking questions. More on that next time.

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