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Ecotech Systems shares how most of the world differs from the US on its view of coal.

It’s Christmas. That means it’s time for some bad kids to get a lump of coal from Saint Nick, but depending on what part of the world you live in, that “gift” can have a very different value.

Coal_anthraciteIn the United States, it’s tough to find a politician—red or blue—who’ll back the coal industry, but elsewhere in the world, that’s not the case. It’s not a matter of them not getting it either. The world is largely moving towards cleaner standards (though I’ve seen data that suggests that China today is polluting at an equivalent rate of where the US was in the 1970s), yet outside of the States, coal is still viewed as a valuable energy resource.

Senator Joe Manchin (D) noted in a recent interview that, worldwide, 80 billion tonnes of coal will be mined in 2014. Of that, the U.S. will only produce one. Despite being in decline, in 2012, Australia still exported A$48 billion in coal. Other large exporters include Canada, Columbia, Mongolia, Mozambique, Russia, and Indonesia (who is now the largest coal exporter in the world).

Coal demand is also expected to increase by 1.2 tonnes over the next five years, with 80% coming from China. By 2030, they’re set to double their current demand and India continues to rise as well. Apart from renewable energy, coal is the fastest growing fuel.

All of this cuts against the American notion that coal power is a dying energy resource. Maybe we need to get some more kids on the naughty list…

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Colin McKay Miller is the VP of Marketing for the SpiroFlo Holdings group of companies:

SpiroFlo for residential hot water savings (delivered 35% faster with up to a 5% volume savings on every hot water outlet in the home), industrial water purification (biofilm removal), and reduced water pumping costs.

Vortex Tools for extending the life of oil and gas wells (recovering up to 10 times more NGLs, reducing flowback startup times, replacing VRUs, eliminating paraffin and freezing in winter, etc.).

Ecotech for cost-effective non-thermal drying (for biosolids, sugar beets, dairy waste, etc.) and safe movement of materials (including potash and soda ash).

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