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SpiroFlo looks at Gallup polling on how Americans view President Obama’s handling of the nation’s environment, energy policy, and prosperity.

Each year Gallup asks Americans if they think the President is doing a good job or a poor job at handling three key issues, and over the course of a President’s term, you can usually watch the that approval rating slide on down. Here’s how President Obama is faring since 2009:

Gallup polling Obama env good job

Although it’s not surprising that he ranks highest in protecting the U.S. environment, his 79% “good job” rating took a large fall in just one year (along with everything else) to just above 50% and has not recovered. Not surprisingly, President Obama has far greater approval with Democrats than Republicans (with independents leaning towards the Republican view of things):

Gallup polling Obama env good job by party However, as you can see, President Obama’s initial (2009) “good job” numbers were 10-15 points higher than where former President George W. Bush was in his first year (2001):

Gallup polling Bush env good job

Given the current trends, it is likely that, in his final year, President Obama will not dip below where President Bush was in his final year—especially given the financial pain of 2008 and how that affected Bush’s “good job” rating in prosperity. However, President Obama’s “good job” ratings plummeted more in that single 2009 to 2010 year than any of Bush’s single-year drops (likely due to the hope and change campaign message that encouraged his election).

If there is one thing that surprises me, it’s the contrast between President Bush’s “good job” rating in improving the nation’s energy policy versus President Obama’s. Taken at the six-year mark—2006 for Bush, 2014 for Obama—you can see that Obama is 17 points higher than where Bush was (42% to 25% respectively). While neither sees much success in this area, Gallup gives no indication as to the criteria in answering this question. Your political affiliation, coupled with your view of oil and gas, clean energy, and world politics, can shift your interpretation of that question dramatically. Regardless, overall, former President Bush settled out far lower than President Obama in this area.

Still, however you view it, the bottom line of presidential ratings sliding down over the years holds true.

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