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SpiroFlo was in Silicon Valley this weekend, hanging out in a room full of emerging green technologies.

One of the speakers was Guy Kawasaki—the one-time Apple evangelist (translation: he built a lot of marketing support in the 80s and from that [and other ventures] he’s now got 1.3+ million followers on his Twitter, along with several books and speaking engagements).

During the question and answer part of his presentation, an audience member noted that Steve Jobs didn’t follow the rules Kawasaki described.

Kawasaki rightfully noted, “You’re not Steve Jobs.”

“No,” the man replied, full deadpan. “I’m still alive.”

And there you have it folks: How to win friends and influence people.

*     *     *

Colin McKay Miller is the VP of Marketing for the SpiroFlo Holdings group of companies:

SpiroFlo for residential hot water savings (delivered 35% faster with up to a 5% volume savings on every hot water outlet in the home) and industrial water purification (biofilm removal).

Vortex Tools for extending the life of oil and gas wells (recovering up to 10 times more NGLs, reducing flowback startup times, replacing VRUs, eliminating paraffin and freezing in winter, etc.).

Ecotech for cost-effective non-thermal drying (for biosolids, sugar beets, etc.) and safe movement of materials (including potash and soda ash).

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